3D Modelling Fundamentals – Introduction to Maya

Before enrolling for NextGen it had been nearly eight years since I’d touched a modelling package. Today was a great refresher on basics covering polygons and their core components, vertices, edges & faces. The end points of an edge will be vertices, a closed loop of edges will be a face and multiple faces make up a poly.


Having some prior experience with 3DS Max, my issues today were mostly navigating the unfamiliar interface of Maya. Much like jumping between any similar software package this was mostly a case of finding where tools lived as terminology never changes, thankfully this process was rather quick thanks to Maya’s less cluttered interface.

The class covered navigating 3D workspace before going into modifying primitives with sub-divisions and common tools such as move, rotate, scale and extrude. First assignment hits and here I am modelling a spaceship from imagination. Progress so far;


Thanks to some prior experience I was also using weld tools and adding sub-divisions to individual faces to get the desired look. For the next update I’m looking to round off the cockpit a little more and remove some unnecessary polygons from the tail fin.


A quick update to post a revision on my spaceship. Some rebuilds of the cockpit, all achieved by adding sub-divisions and extrudes.


19/09/2016 – Update

Designed wing intakes similar to the ones I made for the cockpit, reshaped the tail fin and added missles as seprate objects.




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