The Maze Game

The class was provided with a blank template of a basic maze game built in Adobe Flash/Animate and we were instructed to redesign the assets and give the game a theme.

Above: An example of the blank file provided for the start of the exercise, there were 4 other blank levels like the one shown on the left.

Below: Here is the finished result before I go into the how and problems encountered.

Firstly I had to pick a theme and given this was my first time not only in Flash/Animate but redesigning existing game assets I kept the theme simple. You control a robot making his way through the maze obstacles, collecting parts to rebuild himself by the end of the maze. The levels are themed in the vain of workshops, electrical engineering etc which I thought would fit the theme.


Above: Example of the full robot progression with part collection.


Above: Example of all the parts when broken down off the robot.

Outside of the robot most of my assets came from the internet, thankfully this was fine for the quick exercise (obviously non commercial).

Changing the look of the levels was a fairly simple exercise, importing new assets into the library, organising on the stage, masking the old levels etc. The trickier part was adding animating obstacles to the background layer, making sure the timing was plausible to complete the level and towards the end I had some issues changing the player sprite for each stage to show the robots progression.

Animated obstacles were all animated with automatically generated tweens and not hand animated, just 3-4 keyframes and auto tweening.

Timing to make sure the obstacles were achievable sadly wasn’t a logical process and mostly was me experimenting with certain frame timings and repeatedly testing the level until it worked.


Above: The code snippet that had to be inserted onto the timeline to make the alternate player sprites work.



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