Intro to Unity

Today I was introduced to the second development tool I’ll be working with alongside Adobe Animate: Unity.


After a quick bit of digging I found out Unity has been used to create a few rather popular and quite notable mobile titles. Games such as:

  • Bad Piggies – Rovio
  • Deux Ex The Fall – Eidos Montreal
  • Gone Home – Fullbright Company
  • Shadowrun Returns – Harebrained Schemes
  • Warhammer Space Hulk – Full Control
  • Surgeon Simulator 2013 – Bossa Studios

While Unity is a young engine, certainly a lot younger than things like Unreal, it has already found its place in the industry.

We learned how to create a new project, create new objects in the scene, add a first person camera/controls and add physics using the rigidbody component. Using these basic tools, I created a scene that required the first person player to push a ball into a set of bowling pins.


There were many things that didn’t quite work or would need fixes to make it a functional game. The ball frequently got stuck in corners, occasionally if you hit it with enough force (sprinting) the ball would fly out of the arena and never come back, and there was no scoring or means of determining progress. This was the first time I’ve ever touched Unity and hopefully the skills to add such things to a game will eventually come.


As a way to dabble with Unity further before the next session, we were asked to complete the official Unity tutorial ‘Roll a Ball’. I will post about this soon.




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