Concept Art -Faces

Hand on heart, I’m a little delayed at getting this posted, but will keep up to date from now on (having sorted a scanning solution). During week one in our concept art class, we were taught the basics of facial construction, along with having confidence in line work.


Having done a little bit of this before in previous further education, the concepts are still familiar even if I am a little rusty, so having the opportunity to go back to basics and get the rust off is greatly appreciated. It’s amazing what eight years of not drawing will do to you; I was forgetting to see things as three dimensional and my drawings started off very flat. Yet, within two hours of pencil to paper, things started to come back. I guess drawing is like riding a bike!

Towards the end of the session we were thrown the challenge of applying basic facial construction using circles (as shown above) to obscure shapes, trying to see what could be features in non-standard construction. I’d never done anything like this before and I must admit it does wonders for thinking up much wilder characters. I’d nearly always fallen into the trap of drawing the same faces over and over through the years because I had always followed standard construction.

Here are some of the results:


In all my years, I have never taken so easily to drawing in such a stylised fashion (almost cartoon-like) and yet with one suggestion it completely changes what you’re capable of. When I get some free time I’d quite like to revisit some of these and maybe paint them into a finished bit of concept art. Please ignore the unrelated pose in the middle, that was just me trying to practice mannequin poses during a quick break (another area that needs some work).




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