Drawing in Flash/Animate


Returning to Flash after the maze game, we were given a breakdown of the basic drawing tools to give us an ability to create better assets. This is instead of having to import from the web and have larger file sizes using things like jpg, png, etc. Vector graphics are far smaller in size due to being mathematical constructs.


Our instruction was to draw the images shown above and to follow the exact shapes, stroke and fill colour shown to familiarise ourselves with all the tools and their options. We were then given a second set of images and told to modify the current shapes into those using the select tool, dragging handles and intersecting with new shapes and deleting the excess.


Until now I wasn’t aware of the ability to intersect objects in Flash/Animate and remove the difference/excess. This actually made what would become the next task far easier and took me from not really understanding drawing in Flash to becoming semi-competent in the next exercise.


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