Photoshop Silhouettes

Today the class was shown an amazing way to almost randomly generate character designs, in the same vein as the random faces from two weeks ago but for full body designs.

Opening a new Photoshop document and creating a new layer, I took the lasso tool and just randomly drew a bunch of scribbles. Without clicking off the selection, I took the fill tool and filled the selection with black.

After this it was down to seeing shapes and patterns and considering what could be interesting features for a character. It was an exercise in seeing people/animals/creatures/etc. in abstract shapes, almost the equivalent of seeing things in cloud formations.

Sadly, I went through a lot of these abstract scribbles before I settled on a couple to develop and didn’t end up keeping most of them to show here. Something to consider for future: NEVER GET RID OF ANYTHING. It all demonstrates progression at the end of the day.






I chose a silhouette and mirrored part of it and ended up with what I saw as a Zebraman in a tuxedo (I swear this exercise is one big rorschach test!). So I ran with this and cleaned him up a little. To the left was the end result.











For my second attempt (to the right), I took it a little bit further, as we were given some advice about clipping layers in Photoshop to add further details. The character struck me as some sort of evil queen. In my opinion, the hardest thing about the whole exercise was drawing without the use of a graphics tablet, so I decided to nip home and have yet another go!


I prefer my third attempt the most. I saw a lady in old world formal wear and ran with it. I would never have made these designs myself if I sat with pen to paper looking for inspiration, so I do really appreciate being shown this method.


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