Drawing in Flash Animate – Part II

Using the tools already taught in Part I of this session we were instructed to draw a self portrait in Animate. Below is the finished result:


Now, I promise to anyone reading, I am not this angry. It was probably an inner reflection of a guy that was sick of the common cold this week!

This was a fun experience for me. Outside of the maze game tutorial I’ve had very little run in with using Flash over the years and vector drawing in general, so it was nice to be given the knowledge to have a play around. It’s a surprisingly easy tool to use and can produce some great, clean-looking art, even from modifying existing shapes (which my face mostly was).

As mentioned in the previous post, I wasn’t initially aware of the ability to intersect objects in Flash/Animate and remove the difference/excess. It was this technique that I used to sculpt the face, which started as a circle and a square. The ears were two circles (then removed the extra lines) and the shading was done drawing a line with the brush tool where I wanted the shading to begin, filling past that line with the fill tool and then deleting the line.

Looking forward to creating more in Flash as time goes on!



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