Shaders & Texturing

As a reminder before I discuss texturing here are the unfolded UVs from the previous exercise.


Following a quick ten minute talk on Photoshop for those that needed it, I loaded up my UVs into Photoshop and began the process of texturing. There were no set guidelines for what kind of style or look to aim for, so I decided on a basic metallic look, with certain panels being riveted together. Almost a retro military aircraft look.

Rivets line the wing of a WWII bomber aircraft.
Rivets line the wing of a WWII bomber aircraft.

Here are images I took from that were used to create my finished file.

We have a steel texture, an image of rivets, two alpha textures of dirt/weathering and a ventilation grate I took from google images. All combined these turned into this.


Every shell in the UV had one Photoshop layer for the steel and then extra layers for weathering, the vent grills, cockpit glass etc. I also used the burn tool in Photoshop in certain areas to add differences in tone. A duplicate of the UV layout was made, pushed it black levels up and used to highlight certain edges. The end result is a little more cartoon stylised than I’d originally set out to do but I’m happy with it, just have to be careful to mix styles less in the future (unless its called for). Here is the end result.


Back to the ship shortly, but first a short interlude!


During the lesson we covered the four basic shaders in Maya:

  • Lambert – A very matte shader with almost no specular. Great for things like fabric that don’t reflect much light. (Dark teal below)
  • Blinn – A good all rounder, has a small amount of specular but not as matte as lambert or gloss as Phong. (Purple below)
  • Phong – A very reflective almost high gloss material, great for glass, shiny metals, high gloss plastic etc. (Black below)
  • PhongE – Almost identical to Phong (Orange below)

The pearl coloured sphere last was a Blinn with a high transparency however this doesn’t show up too well in the render.

From left to right: Lambert, Blinn, Phong, PhongE, Transparent Blinn
The character Phong from the Canadian Kids TV show Reboot. Named so because he was rendered in Phong.



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