Halloween Game

Today the class has been tasked with creating a Halloween game, finally I get a project in Animate I can sink my teeth into and learn a little more!

First task, replicate these shapes.


Easy enough, what next I ask? Create an entire Halloween themed scene with only these five shapes, now that’s a little trickier. Thankfully 3D modelling already has me thinking about objects in the real world and breaking them down into individual shapes so applying this method of thinking and a LOT of transform operations later I created this.


As you can see from above, this was created using multiple layers, each time brightening the assets to contrast with the layer in front. Once the landscape was complete Chris gave us some free reign to start adding some new assets using whatever tools we knew how to use. I added the moon using a simple primitive and a glow filter, the clouds were made using many overlaid circles and then both were animated using classic tweens. The moon rises from behind the buildings, vanishes and then the loop resets and the clouds took a simple left to right motion.

I’d like to add a lot more but I don’t want to make the scene too busy before I know what type of game we’re making and how much screen space new game assets may use. Once I know that info I’ll be sure to come back and make a few more festively creepy tweaks.


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