Spaceship Final & Reflections


I’m finally wrapping up with the completion of my spaceship and would like to make a bit of a wrap up post. There has been a lot to take in over five weeks, even for someone with a little prior knowledge.


There have been ups and downs, things I’m still not happy with and partially completed models which I’m still working on. Overall its been a great learning experience and all that’s required now is to practise, practise, practise for better results.

Of all the aspects of 3D we’ve covered I’d say modelling has been my strongest area, however this being the thing I have prior experience in, this shouldn’t be a surprise. Things I’ve learnt and need to keep in mind for the future is a bit of forward planning to help topology flow which tripped me up a couple of times trying to model my Glaive.

I had a few teething issues with UVs. It wasn’t so much the logic behind that I didn’t grasp but more correctly choosing which areas of the model to unwrap and stitch to others. This is why my more complex model is still sitting in the wings waiting to be finished when I have a moment around other coursework. Poor things still naked

My poor naked Glaive! I will finish you soon.

Texturing I didn’t have too much trouble with, mainly just time consumed doing it. The end result however I’m not thrilled with, mainly due to it being a large amount of detail to cram into a 1024×1024 texture. For anything with as many large areas as a ship (eg the wings) I’ll be sure to use a higher texture size next time to reduce pixelation. I tried to hide a lot of seams in areas not entirely obvious like the edges of wings, however this won’t always work and I need to practice creating textures that tile better.

I added my texture to a phong shader and I’m still not 100% if that was the right choice, especially when my texture was made to look a little worn and dirty. The overal specular was too high in certain light. A blinn may have been the better option. Only more time spent experimenting and making these mistakes will eventually teach me the right shaders for the right job.

A lot of time was spent fiddling with lights and honestly a lot more time needs to be spent playing with them. Lighting a scene is an art in its own right and not something I’ll understand within a couple of weeks. I originally tried lighting the scene for rendering using quadratic decay spotlights but couldn’t manage to get a bright enough end result to make a good render. In the end I fell back to no decay.

No decay spotlights setup for three point lighting.

Heres my model on Sketchfab –



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