Create an Interior – Brief

We have been given the task by Matt to spend the next five weeks modelling an interior for extra practice. There was a choice between choosing a realistic interior, so taking a real room (for example my kitchen) and modelling it down to the last fork. The other option was sticking with the sci-fi theme of the spaceship—s and making a ship interior. I do love me some sci-fi and as mentioned in the environment inspiration post from the other day, I had my mind set on something similar for my walking sim before this project was even delivered. Double sci-fi, I think so!

This is mainly an introductory post to throw about ideas and I’ll likely keep adding to this post as I generate more concepts for it. My first thought was a hangar bay of sorts giving ample opportunities for an industrial look but also odd bits of machinery I can use to flesh out the scene. It’s been nearly a decade since I last did any perspective drawing so nobody be too critical, here was my quick sketch for an idea.



I did start trying to paint this manually but lost a good few hours for very little results, so reloaded the file and started to piece together a visual idea using textures and Photoshop’s perspective warp tool. Here is the current progress.


Not quite finished up yet, but fingers crossed I’ll post a full update in the morning. It’s going on for midnight and I started this at 9am with re-learning how to draw in perspective. Just for laughs here is what I ended up with this morning after my little crash course.




So I tried to wrap this up quickly as nearly a whole day of playing about to get one concept drawing is a long time. I need to try and speed through a few before committing to fleshing another one out like this. On the plus side this is the first time I’ve used the perspective warp tool and I love it, the end result also looks pretty good. If I get a moment I’ll likely come back to flesh out the computer console a little more as a rushed through it so I could move on.


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