UVs for Glaive (2nd Spaceship)

I said I’d do it when I had some time and I am thrilled to say I’ve finally figured out the UVs for my glaive. So quick update to post them and to give me somewhere I can put continued progress when I finally start texturing.

Can’t wait to start texturing this!


I’ve said before where I had difficulties with this model and the guns continued to give me trouble. Not 100% sure if its the way I modelled that area but I had multiple edges stacked on top of edges in certain areas which were causing the UVs to go crazy.

In the end I deleted half the model and sat for a few hours repairing one half, re-did the UVs for that half and then mirrored geometry and UVs before organising the layout. With the modelling an interior brief on the go I’m not sure when I’ll find time to complete this, fingers crossed I can make time somewhere.

Here is my model on Sketchfab (I’ll update this and reupload once I’ve textured).



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