Flash Game Developer

While writing my previous flash game post I focused on two titles that were made by the same company and mentioned a few details about two of its founders. That company was:


Now tasked with looking into a single Flash developer studio, its inception, history, staff etc, I thought I’d flesh this out.

I did check into this and while their first ever game was Flash (Alien Hominid), future games were all drawn and animated in Flash but Actionscript was recompiled into C++. For Castle Crashers all Flash assets were ported into Microsoft’s XNA Studio which requires C++. So while not 100% all made in Flash I’m still running with it.


The Behemoth was founded in January 2003 by Tom Fulp, Dan Paladin and John Baez. Behemoth is located in San Diego, California. I covered their early Flash version of AH in my other post however looking at the official Behemoth site it states they were laid off from jobs in the games industry prior to Behemoth and rather than working for someone else again, opted to set themselves up as their own company. They then picked up extra staff and set to work making the high resolution console remake of Hominid which so many publishers had refused beforehand. All funds required to get the AH remake to the shelves was from their own pockets. The only head count I could find was from 2008 which stated they have nine staff on payroll.

Behemoth still focus on bringing old school games back into mainstream whether that be side-scrollers, side scrolling beat em ups or their upcoming Pit People, focusing on turn based questing and exploration. Personally growing up through the 8 and 16-bit era I find it wonderful there are developers out there who strive to keep old genres up to date and very much alive!

Outside of the founding three I couldn’t find any information about staff. Trying to write Tom’s history would take several more blog posts going through his earlier days looking after Newgrounds and his own Flash development where he gained the skills that took him to creating Behemoth. Dan has been the driving force behind the companies entire art style which hasn’t changed at all over the years between titles, it continues to be simple, colourful and charming!


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