Robot Brief – Analysis

As discussed in the previous post I wanted to stay away from humanoid robots, take a little bit of inspiration from functional robots of today such as military bots and after looking at Big Dog maybe focus on the animal kingdom or even the insect kingdom for design ideas.

So I hit google again for a second time to see if I could find anything similar already *cue huge image dump*.

Lot’s of hits for non-humanoids! I’ll pick out a couple specifically that suit the way I’m thinking and quickly throw my thoughts out there.


I loved the look of this thing, definitely an insect based inspiration (although don’t ask me what, I’m no Entomologist). From the scribblings that come with the artwork I’m assuming it was meant to be some sort of missile launch mech, however if compact in size I could see it’s use in search and rescue. Getting eyes into tight or even collapsed spaces.


Metal Gear Wolf (from the MGS franchise), I’ll admit I went looking for this one deliberately because it has such a resemblance to the big dog project I’ve already spoken about. In game this robot has a military purpose and is able to acquire and shoot targets autonomously. Boston dynamics started big dog as a military project for carrying large/heavy equipment for troops, while initially rejected due to how much noise it made BD still continue the project for military application. A genuine bit of real life meets sci-fi.

A micro surveillance drone disguised as an insect (from the role play system Shadowrun). I quickly looked into if anything like this had been tried in real life and surprisingly we have mimicked insect flight in a robot but that was all it was capable of.


Honestly I have zero idea what this is meant to be, it just reminded me of a grasshopper or locust. I really liked the olive military colouring and how non sensical it was, other than a pair of arms nothing else is identifiable as human, animal, insect etc. After a quick bit of digging it was designed as a flying combat mecha from the anime Gundam. The robot is mostly all thrusters for VTOL movement in space. Cool design that got me to stop and question it.


I don’t need to give any introduction from where this is from, it’s written all over the picture (thanks picture, saved my calloused typing fingers). This will be another example where I’ll compare a science fiction concept to in development real technology, meet Eelume, the robot eel. This little fella is being designed and deployed for automated deep sea maintenance and cleanup. I love the simplicity of both designs and the segmented body so it can mimic a snake/eel.


I don’t want to go through every example but I would definitely like to take onboard some of the real life inspiration and adaption from animals/insects. Most of them robots have been designed and built for a very specific purpose and occasionally certain environments, this plays into the brief very well having to design something with a specific theme in mind. I shall begin playing around with similar concepts and post some initial thumbnail designs soon along with a few notes explaining them.


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