Digital Tutors – Further Learning

So half term begins and with plans to model assets for Unity and for the thinking inside the box brief I felt it necessary to brush up on more modelling skills. I vaguely remember from many moons ago that a lot of people swore by the paid website Digital Tutors, I wandered onto Google to have a look and see what was on offer.

Turns out it changed name and is now Pluralsight, their content had just been updated to Maya 2017 and turns out their videos are approved by Autodesk so at least I know the content is safe and I won’t end up paying money just to learn bad habits. So I took the dive for the monthly subscription and began slowly making my way through their introduction to Maya 2017 videos.

My word, there is a LOT of content. Seriously a LOT, just in this one lesson package. It’s not always easy to follow along to videos, always pausing, making edits, pausing, making more edits. Occasionally screwing up and having to go back ten minutes in the video to start over again! What was only four hours of video content took me a good day and half to get through. As always with me I ended up so engrossed in trying to work through these tasks that I never took any progress shots along the way.

Here is what I have modelled so far and I’ll also give a screenshot from the video to show what it’s supposed to look like.


Current progress of the ship (why is it always ships) which currently is just the cockpit/main hull.

So far I’m really pleased and might be the best (and neatest) thing I’ve modelled so far even if it is from following a tutorial.

What the end product is supposed to look like, hopefully I’ll find the time soon.

Following these tutorials really taught me that I had been relying too heavily on making most of my edits in vertex mode and I’d say maybe 80% of the modelling on this was done in edge mode using add edge loops and having symmetry turned on in the translate tools. This will all become really valuable when I attempt to make my own assets for Unity.

Subscription cost, totally worth it!


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