Walking Sim – Polish & Peer Review

So the big play test and peer review happened this morning, and the classroom turned into a swirling mass of students looking to see each others games.

Thankfully before this happened we were given an hour in which to make any last changes or fixes we needed before we had to build the games. In this time I updated a few highlighters with new text and got audio working on door closing as well as opening (which up until now hadn’t been fully functional). Alarms chimed and I left my desk, my game child left alone for a bunch of strangers to prod!

You can prod it too! I’ve set up a dropbox with access to the build files. Feel free to take a look.


Each game was left with a peer review sheet, so I’ve scanned them to post here!


A few points were raised during feedback which I absolutely agree with. People had issues clicking on objects for a couple of reasons, firstly I still hadn’t locked the cursor in the game yet and the keys (especially when spinning) can be cumbersome to click on. I fixed part of this one straight off the bat and had Ant guide me to adding mouse lock into my game. This makes testing it SO much easier.

Other feedback was more use of textures, given how much time I lost to trying to texture these and failing I couldn’t agree more, it most definitely needs textures and is already a work in progress. Remaining feedback was add a few surprises and I’m busy learning how to do triggers to do exactly that and adding an overall objective to the game. I guess objective is heavily tied to narrative in this sort of game and will probably be one of the later things fleshed out as for now developing technical skills takes priority over sitting and thinking about creative writing.

I appreciate all the positive feedback people gave me and its really encouraging, even at this early stage of the course it makes me feel like I’m on track and know what I’m doing. I just need to keep pushing and continually prove this to myself. However on the flip side people were too kind and I gave a build of the game to my own worst enemy (no not the cliche of myself), my brother in evil, my eternal rival, my best friend Dean. He sat there for almost an hour throwing himself at every surface, staring at every bit of geometry and finding ways to mess with scripted events. It was all constructive with future suggestions and ideas, I may type out all the notes and make another post about it purely because it was a much more in depth exercise akin to the type of QA done on a real product.

Back to the class, I had a blast going around looking at other peoples games, ideas they had implemented, in some cases functionality that people had created which I’d failed at the week before. There were varying themes, some students had done their own bits of voice acting, created complex labyrinths, deserted on a desert island or even a king surveying their own hall. This is the part of the creative process I love, seeing how a single brief can turn into twenty completely different products based on the individual and their thought process.

I’ll be taking everything on-board to improve my game for a portfolio presentation in December.



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