Quick Robot Sketches

I’ve started the quick sketch ideas for the robot brief, however this is still a work in progress and I’ve not finished all of them yet. Once I finish I’ll update this post with the complete work.

Going with a theme of some real world inspiration / insects brought up in my research I did some quick google-fu to look for some creatures with exceptional abilities that could be applied to a robot for a specific function. This could be lifting strength, demolition, offensive ability etc.

I began using the silhouette method Tony showed us a few weeks back, I already had a vague idea of what shapes I wanted to make but still used the process to try and develop shapes far quicker than by hand. From there I’d decide if it was useful or alter it to my needs. I may choose to use some other methods for future thumbnails but for now this is what I have.

robots sheet1.jpg

So far I’ve taken inspiration from the raw pushing power of the dung and stag beetle to consider a mobile robot able to climb debris (maybe in the case of a natural disaster cleanup) that has a fork for carefully lifting large debris away without traditional heavy machinery.


The bombardier beetle is an interesting critter that ejects 100 degree celsius hydroxide based acid at its foes. I’m not one for contemplating adapting a robot into a horrid chemical warefare machine, so I adapted the idea into what could be a mortar on legs for military purposes. Targeting becomes automatic and eases the burden on the soldier having less equipment to carry.


The slightly more crazy one which I may turn to treads for practically is my demolition machine inspired by the mantis shrimp, which has the quickest strike of any creature on the planet equivalent to a .38 round being shot from a pistol. In it’s own habitat it uses this ability to smash open clams and crabs, also for defense. I thought the idea may be comical for demolition purposes!


I’ll be back soon to add more updates!


All wrapped up, here are the finished sketches.


Some got more fleshed out than others during the course of making these. I’ll quickly run through the new additions and some base inspiration for them.

The robot that blatently looks likes a hornet was inspired by the highly feared asian hornet, which people claim has a sting worse than being shot by a bullet. Go watch some online footage of these critters in action, they are TERRIFYING. So naturally my imagination goes, a creature this deadly surely would have to be some kind of vicious military robot and from there I jumped to the stinger possibly being some kind of biological weapon or poison/toxin etc.


I was inspired to do the dragonfly design after reading that the Australian Giant Darner dragonfly is the fastest flying insect in the world.


Then I freely admit to having the idea factory close its production doors for a while and drew a robot cat, purpose…unknown, special feature…unknown. We all have uninspired moments.

After having just drawn a robot cat, remembered things like ‘Big Dog’ and ‘Metal Gear Wolf’ I thought why not a robot mule. Big Dog can tackle most terrains without losing stability and it’s original purpose was that of a pack mule on legs, so why not go all the way and have the machine ride-able. It would never tire or need food and water. Just a duracell now and then!

My little mini-sub came during a break and seeing the movie ‘The Abyss’ was on tv. I’d stayed above ground this whole time and thought what about an undersea salvage robot that doesn’t require a pilot. While I’m aware we already have mini-sub drones for this kind of operation, I’m sure there could be some advantages to an automated system, possibly on less delicate salvage operations.

Finally I found this bizarre photo online, a rescue operations robot from Japan. Designed to pick up and carry injured people to safety in the event of a natural disaster which got me thinking in a medical way. While a little crazy, I thought what about an automated hospital bed, capable of doing simple procedures such as taking blood pressure, administering injections etc, without a nurse being present. Having a slight obsession with multi-pedal bots I stapled some legs on thinking it could take itself to an operating theatre if needed. Afterwards I realised a small pair of wheels would have sufficed.


So that’s my lot, sadly the project has been put on hold temporarily while we develop the college’s Xmas game for the marketing department so it may be a while before I’m back with updates.





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