Unity Game – In depth constructive criticism.

As I mentioned the other day I had a friend of mine sit with my game for a good chunk of time, deliberately trying his best to find issues and break as many things as possible for a more in depth play test and critique. He broke it down into bugs and then other notes and ideas (although I did see a few ideas creep into the bug reports). I am thrilled he did this for me and gave me a lot of food for thought.

Since his hand writing isn’t the best I’ve typed out his hand written notes. Here we go!


Sound bugs – Stopping at the first blue key will usually result in extra footsteps. I believe the object is low enough that the player controller is constantly trying to get on top of the item.

Jump distance is quite high and occasionally results in player camera clipping through the ceiling.

Control tip to display key not always functional.


  • Uncloseable (intentional?)
  • Door sound overlaps if clicked constantly
  • No feedback to tell the player if a door is locked or otherwise inaccessible
  • Both atmospheric sounds (BGM & steam) aren’t cross faded and if you wait long enough you can tell where they stop and repeat.

Generator only turns on and not off, sound also overlaps if clicked repeatedly.

Radio not emitting any sound even when the battery is collected.

Could add some markers to show what colour keys have been collected.

Textures on the lamps don’t flicker on the lower level however the light source itself does.


Door now closeable on second run through (my own error?)

Inventory system to show keys and battery?

If the level expands a map would be useful however basic, especially since assets are repeated which could make a lot of areas feel the same.

Mesh error in the staircase, if you stand to one side you can see missing polys and the skybox through the ceiling.

The stairs clip through the railings or at least it appears this way through its texture.

Parts of the stairs are misaligned with each other.

Geometry artifacts coming out of the first door, bottom right panel of octagonal corridor near the lip between the two sections.


Able to jump and rest on the wall panel in the room with the window (correction this is actually the small crate I’m standing on)

Camera clips outside of the confines of the level when standing on the taller crates in the corridors.

Doors stop at inconsistent heights when clicked multiple times. This usually results in the door going out of bounds through the level as it translates the same distance again and again.

Doors seem to operate correctly only if you want for the full animation to complete.


Never managed to fully clip outside the level at usual points (ie corridor seams, doorways) even though I can occasionally get the camera to briefly clip out.

Found a few controls on my own, F for Flashlight and Left Shift for sprint. Giving the player this information would be good.

Radio and battery both exist as static meshes without physics, not sure if this is intentional but bringing it up incase its an issue.

Camera glitches tend to happen if you have your back against a wall and then try to walk backwards. Could be to do with the zero depth planar models? This mostly occurs in doorways.

Steam sound relatively consistent throughout level with very minimal drop off (reduce sphere of influence). If possible it would be good to increase the volume on the door sounds as they seem rather low when compared with other elements in the game.

Key only picks up if crosshair is directly over the mesh. This makes picking it up a little awkward being such a small object that also happens to be spinning. Possibly create a bigger hitbox?


Health system – Mainly because there is a lot of exposed steam and steam does tend to burn.

Emergency/Alert System? Warning sirens, flashing lights, voice alerts etc.

Debris out of window, asteroids or even other ships? Could tie into the narrative.

A point of the ship station you’re on, what is its purpose? Is it a mining ship/platform, a military ship etc.

Soft lighting from outside nebula (enough to illuminate dust in space may be able to provide enough for ambient light through windows.

HUD – Display the health idea or inventory, power in torch, stamina for sprinting etc.

Data logs or something to help piece the story/narrative together. Why are you alone, why does the facility seem abandoned etc.

Locks for doors – ie a card reader/lock, something that interacts with the key item. Confirmation light red/green if it accepts the key or you don’t have it.

Building codes aren’t up to scratch – requires a guard rail to be placed on the platform above the stairs. Sort this out or suffer a type 3 safety violation! JOKE!

Ability to seal pipes/terminate the flow of steam. Possibly to restore the area as an objective or a puzzle. Perhaps you’re even just a maintenance robot fixing the station.

Add signage to designate what areas are, what functions rooms have.

Change sound when walking on different surfaces.

Hanging/sparking cables? Could block a path unless the generator is inactive.

Determined by purpose of facility

  • Consider what supplies would be needed on a ship/station – ie food if it supports humans/aliens, water, fuel source, equipment.
  • Consider rooms – ie processing plant/refinery, storage, crew quarters, engineering, communications, airlocks, armouries etc.

This is a lot to work through and comment on, so I will return to this wall of feedback later and will be more than happy to talk through it all.


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