Xmas Game & Flash Research

Ho ho ho! The group has been tasked with developing a Xmas themed game that will be available to the public via the college website. The game will be used as part of the college’s marketing through December. The tool of choice for web compatibility will be Adobe Animate.

The brief requires that the game is:

  • Simple – Only 1 month to ship it
  • Quick to play – Less than one minute a run
  • Score or time based – Let people share scores and compete
  • Is easily accessible – Web based with basic mouse/keyboard controls

We are asked to have a very quick play of some free flash games online and comment if there was any ideas we could gleam from them for our own development.

Alien Attack II


I checked out a few popular flash game sites (not as many as I was used to back in the day, I am talking twelve years ago though) and randomly picked a top rated title. Alien Attack played like a 2D arena based shooter, despite the amazing art for a Flash game, nothing really popped and a lot of grey blended into a lot of other grey. The gun play was a little slow which left you fighting with the controls a little. Impressive assets but none of the game mechanics or features were obvious to the player.

Castle Knight


My second pick I had a lot more fun with. Very bright and colourful, all meters relating to the player were easy to read and the mechanics of defeat a wave of enemies is immediately obvious. The game even gave a quick little tutorial. Your knight keeps a castle and a princess safe by defeating waves of cute monsters, and you can also hire aid to target monsters from the castle parapets. Easy to pickup.

Cave Blast


My third choice came about because the student next to me was playing it. Similar to the above the aim was to defeat waves of cute monsters except your player character this time has a jet pack and a gun. Cave Blast also has bright colours for monsters, projectiles and the player against a muted backdrop to make all the assets stand out for ease of play. Quick to pick up and put down with a nice feature to dress the player in multiple costumes. Overall I’m taking away that colour choices in a game can sometimes be just as important as function to point out objectives or information to the player.

Class Decision

The brief originally suggested working alone or in pairs however the class as a whole decided to take a very interesting approach that I personally believe will benefit everyone and make the end product far more interesting.

We were inspired by the Wii game WarioWare, a party game that consisted of multiple short five second challenges one after another. The player is granted a point for every five second scenario they complete however fail a challenge and you lose a life. After an entire class brain storming session of Christmas related activities was completed we assigned one another a single idea that could become a WarioWare style five second challenge. This should result in a great combined effort project with 20+ unique short games that will combine into a comically chaotic Christmas challenge.

The overall goal was have a mini game for every day in December leading up to Christmas with Christmas day being the final challenge. I’m still not certain if we’ll have the time or manpower to achieve this within the deadline but we won’t know until we throw ourselves at the project.

My assigned mini game theme is decorate a Xmas tree, so I better get in the Christmas spirit, roll up my sleeves and get working!



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