After Effects – Blending Masks

This week Peter wanted us all to recap everything we’ve learnt so far in After Effects with the a few minor additions. This would be in preparation for creating and animating our own logo design with the skills we’ve picked up. The minor addition to this week would be (as the title suggests) blending masks.

So far we’ve had dancing girls and random shapes, however this week Peter went for the trippest psychedelic assets he could find (queues some Pink Floyd for getting through this exercise). Other than the order of the layers and applying blending masks we were given free reign to make something as zany as possible using all knowledge from previous lessons.

I don’t want to make this post too long as I’d mostly cover material I’ve already discussed so I’ll try to keep this brief, highlighting new tools and the end result.

Once all our assets were imported (.AI files as per usual) we brought in the first image of a pink background, then went to layer > layer styles > gradient overlay. In the options for gradient overlay we set the blend mode to multiply (recognise this from Photoshop) and the style to radial. From an entirely pink canvas we ended up with this.



I can see their function in building up more complicated scenes from very basic assets. From there we brought in the rest of the assets and were shown a second method to apply a blending mask. This mask was applied to the third layer in the stack using the ellipse tool.



After a heavily blended out star on the layer above this, a truck load of effects, the two videos containing subtle gradient changes in the asset pack and some movement of layers on the Z axis, here is the result.


There is a reason I named the save file vfxLesson04_trippy!


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