VFX – Personal Logo Design

To have something personal to animate and work with in After Effects, Peter asked us all to come up with and present our own logo designs. It’s always nicer to work with your own assets when learning, theres a better sense of achievement in the end rather than following a tutorial with pre-made assets.

I pulled a Blue Peter and went ‘heres one I made earlier’. Long story short, but me and my wife (also on the course with me) had originally spent the money on a computerised embroidery setup as a business idea before we ended up here. I had spent some time designing a company logo for use on business cards, embroidered onto shirts for craft fairs etc etc.

We both have a love of Norse mythology and ended up naming the business Skuldworks. Skuld being one of the norse norns (fates) that represented the future. We thought this appropriate going forward with a business idea to new possibilities.

skuldworks side by side

I wanted to keep the design simple, more so due to functional reasons as we wanted a design that would feed through the embroidery machine in mono colour, not have too many issues with overlap, and could be embroidered in white on a black shirt and be able to stand out. All of this led me to the design above, Skuld is occasionally depicted as a Valkyrie as well as a norn in the Prosse Edda, I wanted to capture this in the logo but not flood it with too much detail. I spaced out all of the parts that made up the head for ease of embroidery. All accompanied by the name in a fun anglicised viking font, the company name in old runic and some knot designs.

Now this was built for a very specific purpose in mind and I ran the design and its story over with Peter. He was more than happy for me to re-use it for VFX and even complimented the time and thought put into it. Considering this was done prior to the course, I’ll admit that gave me a little bit of confidence in my abilities.


Looking forward to working with this again as I really enjoyed my time designing it.



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