Xmas Game Development

So with a theme in hand I set out to decorate a tree.

Since this was a group project, I teamed up with my wife and fellow student to figure out a code we could both implement as our games both required a similar mechanic. I had decorate a tree and she had build a bear. We both figured all we’d need would be a drag and drop mechanic.

With some not so quick Google-Fu, we found a tutorial video from a sixth form school that easily explained the entire mechanic we’d need.

Once this had been ironed out, I sat for a day in Animate making vector graphics for the scene (and the scene itself). I wish I could say I had a process behind this, was able to show sketches and concept art, connect all the pieces together and display the final product. However it was mostly an organic process and whatever was in my head went straight to canvas.

In addition to the static artwork, I implemented what Tony taught us the other week about creating SFX and imported two looped animations. One for the fireplace and the other for the Xmas lights.



After playing with timings at home for how long it took to complete the task I set the game to eight seconds. However after class play testing it soon became clear that I only achieved that because of how many times I’d played and the general consensus was ten seconds.


Here is the swf uploaded for you to try.



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