3DRoom/Environment Update

Just a quick post to show where I am regarding the room (I did promise I’d make another update soon). So Sunday was spent tackling the room itself, walls, floors etc. I opted to follow the same construction methods I used for the Unity game and kept the room planar, mostly because the base I started with WAS one of my unity rooms, which was cut up and turned into something new.

This was a bit of a pain as the room had far more detail than previous iterations and squeezing all of this onto a flipped planar box was….well I’ll keep that kind of colourful language away from a professional blog! Needless to say it tested my patience, removing sections, welding sections back together again and again ended up created a lot of hidden geometry, which took some cleaning and on occasion prevented me from adding new cuts. The important part is I got there in the end and in future I’ll use more objects to create internal room structures.

The absolute best thing I learnt during this and I’m still thanking the gods for, is UVsets. Applying multiple textures to one object, finally cracked it. I can now go back when there is time and texture the whole of my Unity environment!

The process works like this:

  1. Select the faces you want to texture.
  2. UV > Choose your mapping type, for me this was all planar.
  3. In the UV editor go to Polygons > Create New UV Set and name it.
  4. Select the shells you just created and go to Polygons > Move to UV Set > Select your new set.
  5. In the new set, unfold as normal.
  6. Setup your texture in Hypershader and apply it to your chosen faces.
  7. Your texture will look awful as its still taking mapping information from the default map1, to fix this go to Window > Relationship Editors > UV Linking > UV Centric.
  8. Associate your map with the file attached to your shader. Voila.

I’ll try and return to this post and add some pictures to explain the process but for now I am super busy with deadlines and rushing through this. For now I’ll leave you with some WIP renders.




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