Logo Update

This will be a very short post, between Gestalt Theory and 3D Camera tracking there wasn’t a huge amount of time left in class to start work on the logos. Here is what was achieved in the time that was left.

After discussions from previous weeks myself and Peter had decided to leave the figurehead part of the logo alone (if you break it apart it loses its form) and instead focus on animating the text. This would be achieved by a matte on another layer which would letter by letter reveal the norse font. Peter had already brought in a sample of how that matte would work (a rounded white rectangle moving down the screen over 6 frames, offset by another six frames and duplicated to the right, up until the other edge of the screen) explained it and asked me to finish it off. This was mostly a copy paste activity, while making sure all the offset timings stayed accurate to six frames.While we won’t need this many bars in the final product, they can be rescaled to suit our needs.


Next was preparing the artwork. I had already created a layout image last week, which would be used to set the final position for the animation. However in the master file none of the artwork had been prepared for AE, for example all text was still one object. It had been expanded into paths, but was still grouped. To break all elements down into individual layers, we have to use the Release to Layers (Sequenced) tool a couple of times and then pull all objects out of the original master layer. At this stage all the layers needed a name so they could be easily identified once in AE.


Thats it for this week. Hopefully I’ll have more to post next time.


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