Xmas Game – Submission

This will be a brief update on the remaining artwork I put into the game before its submission.

From its last incarnation Kelly and I decided the game needed a flashier final score screen, a main menu and an explanation of the controls. This is what I ended up creating.


All of the new artwork, was vector from within Animate itself. Nothing fancy. The font I downloaded from a free use fonts website, made the text in Illustrator, expanded it to paths and then brought that into Animate.

Not much else to comment on being purely the artist on this one. Head over to Kellys blog post about the last bits of code for more information. Otherwise here is the final version of the game that was handed over for submission (along with the two individual mini games we made before this).


It was fun to divide up tasks and solely able to focus on one thing. That and I suppose teaming up with your wife has its advantages, you already know you can work together quite well, have all the time in the world outside of college to continue development & fix issues and occasionally its not your shift to put the kettle on! There is an outside of college plan brewing over Xmas for more divide and conquer development, however more on that after it happens!

This has been very difficult from a code perspective for all the Flash/Animate games, because none of us know much/if any Actionscript (or rebranded Javascript) and most of it has come from the internet with occasional fixes from Ant.

I very much doubt we’ll be top pick when marketing chooses a game this year but the whole process has been good fun and it has me looking forward to the scheduled game jam in January.



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