Artist of the Week – Roger Dean

It’s that time of the week again, Peter’s artist of the week! Up until now whenever Peter has asked does anyone know this weeks artist I’ve had the sad response of no, but not anymore.

While I don’t know Roger’s personal background in any depth I do know his work. He provided the album covers for the bands Yes and Asia and he also did the concept and box art for two of my favourite games on the Commodore Amiga, Shadow of the Beast and Agony! I played these to death over the lifespan of an Amiga 500 and later A1200. I had an artbook of his on loan from the library a lot back in those ancient days, before Google had the answer to everything. Even made reference to it in a GCSE art project once.

Roger is a master of fantasy, with a long career stretching from the 60s till now. As I already mentioned he did a lot of album covers but also more traditional painting, architectural design and video game concepts. Well known for his strange and vivid landscapes. To me his art will always have a magic quality, teleporting you to bizarre environments just believable enough for you to lose focus on reality for a split second.

Roger was so well known for his landscapes, he tried to sue James Cameron for stealing his landscapes for use in the movie Avatar. I won’t run off and google the exact details (it’s kinda nice to just freely talk about an artist for once) but I believe the production team admitted to being influenced by his work but ultimately the case was dismissed. Poor Roger! I’ll include a few examples of the artwork in question and you can see for yourself.

I’ll leave you with his work while I run off to Amazon and see if you can still buy the artbook I always borrowed as a kid!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Found it, still in regular print since 1986!

Roger Dean : Magnetic Storm



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