Robot -Group Crit

There has been a rather sizeable gap in this project due to the Xmas game. Thankfully we’re back on track and ran a group crit session this week. This will be a short post just explaining the feedback and my decisions going forward.

The goal of the feedback was to narrow down which robot would make the final cut and become a finished piece. Being your own critic is the worst idea as the artists natural reaction is to hate on everything they produce, feedback from others and the ability to take criticism is important in any field if you stand any chance of progressing. Not having drawn for almost ten years and then being thrown into an open crit with your work on a giant projector was a little daunting but you quickly get over it.

For the sake of reference I’ll repost my sketches from an earlier post.


The immediate feedback from quite a few members of the class was ‘we love the hornet’. Which I find amusing because it was my personal favourite, hence being the only drawing that had a little more colour. However did that extra colour happen to draw the eye of other people and swayed their decision. I’d like to think I’m over thinking and people just liked the design.

The overal ‘menace’ of the design was commented on as a factor to why people liked it, along with the real world technology application of the hover blades. The dragonfly was liked for similar reasons.

Tony however was on the fence between the medical bed and the cat. I’m surprised by the cat, drawing that was VERY late at night, I was tired, uninspired and my own cat jumped on the table for attention. I ran with it, googling images of those Egyptian cat statues you always find in stores to use as a base. The bed I’m less surprised by, it has a very real application and was inspired by real rescue robots from Japan. It was kind of near future tech and plausible, making it one of my other favourites (despite not following the insect/animal theme of the others). Tony said he could picture in his mind all the arms moving, bubbling liquids passing through the tubes and screens displayed read outs.

The other thing people brought up was they really liked my annotations. Not really an element I was expecting feedback on but both the class and Tony commented saying it shows a lot of thought process and gives a professional feel to the ideas. At the time of drawing they were mostly note scribbles to keep my own thoughts in place but this is definitely something I’ll continue to do in future.

As much as I don’t want to disappoint Tony’s grand vision of my medical bed, I think I’ll still fully develop the hornet at least for the purpose of submission. In future if I can fit it in around other projects or holidays I may flesh out the bed in my spare time, it all goes in my portfolio at the end of the day!

Going forward I think I’ll try my hand at modelling the hornet and then over painting a render in Photoshop. I enjoyed that technique the other week and would like to take a second stab at it. It also allows me to worry less about the perspective as the render will take care of that.

Hopefully I can post a final piece soon.



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