Volume & Weight – Adventure Time Style

Friday for our group has had a few setbacks since the beginning of the term, with a mix of EGX and teacher training the schedule has taken a few hits. Tony realized he had never covered this exercise with us, and the lessons learned within it are valuable going forward. So here it is.

The aim of the exercise was to get a simple understanding of volume and weight when drawing and the focus Tony used to achieve this was the animated show Adventure Time. I absolutely love this show, so I’m already familiar with its simplistic but lovable art style. Meet the main character Finn.



Finn is built out of a series of cylinders which the above image perfectly demonstrates. His arms, legs, torso and even head are all cylinders. His limbs are usually very ‘noodly’. Tony tasked us with either replicating Finn in new poses, creating ourselves in Adventure Time style or just draw something original, essentially anything that would drive in some understanding of the concepts being explained. The only set in stone rule was no head on, standing straight poses. They needed to be expressive or emotive.

My classic issue of focusing too much on one drawing kicks in (hence my robots maybe all took an hour rather than a few minutes each for what was supposed to be a ‘thumbnail’ drawing). So after half an hour I had this guy, rather than a few examples. Apologies for this being a blatant cropped photo, my scanner is generating artifacts and lines through scans. Probably time to invest in a new one, the current one I got around the time of Windows ME.


I think I was channeling my inner exhaustion on Friday, it worked well! I was especially happy with the forced bend in the body to really emphasise the slouch. The slightly buckled legs and limp arms also helped to emote that the character is tired.

Having only done the one drawing I felt the need to continue at home and attempt another. As I didn’t choose the drawing yourself option earlier, I sort of bent the idea into something that represents me. I present to you Judge Logan.


Yup, thats me. Just dispensing justice on a weekend! So naturally I thought I’d try my hand at an Adventure Time judge.


I’m happy with the outcome but at the same time I’m not. Somewhere along the line I feel like I lost the Adventure Time style and was left with a funny looking judge. I liked the torso, expanding the collar to the full size of the torso cylinder gave a great comedic look and feel to the drawing. I don’t even mind the head. So on reflection I gave the arms and legs too much mass, they should have been reduced down to Finn like noodles. I attempted a mid run pose, I feel like I was almost there with it but didn’t foreshorten quite enough to get the action across.

I had a blast with this exercise and anything that gets me drawing more at home is a step in the right direction, its probably the skill I seem to end up flexing the least on this course, and an old skill that needs refining the most. It might be during Xmas, but I’m hoping to return to these drawings and add a splash of colour.



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