Patrick Woodroffe

This week Peter suggested we all go look at the work of Patrick Woodroffe. Sadly another name I’m not aware of, but there is a twist this week!

Patrick was an English artist and etcher who specialised in fantasy and science fiction work, occasionally bordering on surreal. Actually a Yorkshire lad, from Halifax. Born 1940 and studied French & German at Leeds University (this will come back later on).

He only started as a full time artist in 1972 when he gave an exhibit of his paintings to the Covent Garden Gallery in London. From this point on his career took off and became well known for book cover illustrations and album covers (favourite below as I do enjoy Judas Priest).


His career really did jump all over the place, he is credited as the concept artist for the movie NeverEnding Story II, however this was his only recorded instance of making concept art for cinema.

Here is the twist. In the 90s and beyond Patrick exhibited a lot in Switzerland. Gruyere Castle had an exhibit of his works in 1992 and he was eventually commisioned to produce two sculptures for the castle (something he got into later in his career). Now I’d normally run off to Google, find a photograph, post it etc, but not this time.

Here are Patrick sculptures from my own holiday shots in Switzerland, May 2015. I guess in a round about way I do know his work! On reflection inside the castle also has a couple of his paintings, however no photography was allowed so I can’t prove it. So yeah, funny coincidence.


Now I know you’re sitting there going, but Marc, you’re not in these shots! How can you prove these didn’t come from Google? Good question, I was actually in Gruyere visiting the H.R Giger museum which I can prove! See even has H.R Giger Bar Museum in the background (as if the decor didn’t give it away). God help you all if they ever ask me to talk about Giger.


I’ll leave you with a collection of Patricks more traditional fantasy work, something better to stare at than my ugly mug!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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