End of Term Presentation

So at the beginning of this week I delivered my end of term presentation to all the teaching staff. I’ll say now that the ten minutes assigned flew over so quickly I feel like an idiot for trying to cram in 30+ slides and had cue cards for most if not all of them. Absolutely not needed, I had to fly through the slides, but thankfully that’s exactly what the staff were expecting. A review of the work you have produced so far, rather than me talking through the technical and the how to.

At the end of the ten minutes I received some positive verbal feedback with the general consensus being ‘keep doing what you’re doing’ along with a challenge to push beyond the course material for year end. Later in the day I also received written feedback:

“I really like that you plan in 2D before your final piece. This shows good planning and idea generation. There are some great pieces of artwork presented here. Think about the scale and therefore the resolution of your textures. This will greatly improve the look of your 3D models. The texture work is good and with more work placed on texture production in PS, this could be your thing. There were some excellent assets in your maze and Christmas games, well done.”

I’m thrilled the planning for my environment went down a treat, purely because I had a blast drawing it and re-learning how to hand draw perspective. Also in general planning is the most important part of any project. I’ll take the texture scale tip onboard for future, since the room was created out of assets spanning back to the first couple of weeks of the course, the quality in the scene did vary.

As for nailing down and focusing on being a texture artist, it’s certainly an option. I already mentioned that I paid for and downloaded Substance Painter and I plan to get my head around it between coursework, it all leads in that direction. It’s early days in the year and it’s a call I’ll make towards the end of the year.

Going forward I intend to unwind over Christmas and return to continue giving this everything I’ve got. For my own future reference (any anyone else if they need them) here are the slides from my presentation/portfolio thus far.

Since the file ended up huge I’ve uploaded this to dropbox with a share link rather than using WordPress and further consume my free space.

Dropbox Xmas Presentation.ppx


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