Personal Game Jam Weekend – Day 3

Sunday morning dawns and the artists rise to contemplate whats left they can help with. The decision was made to create a title screen for the game. While the purpose of the lab was never determined, and in our own minds the lower levels of said lab spiraled into all kinds of dark illegal experiments, we took the simple approach of cosmetics testing.

Using this we remembered an ad campaign many years ago of an actual rabbit photo-shopped with heavy makeup, in an effort to deter such activities. Taking some inspiration from this we wanted to make something similar as a title screen.


The end result was a very odd blend of blatent cartoon and real, however on reflection I actually took the same approach with some of the lab assets. I’m sure somewhere in the back of my sleep deprived and cold brain I made this connection and ran with it.

While I was tidying up and making edits to some of the level assets at request of the coders, Dean drew the rabbit and made the background. Later I jumped in to vector trace his hand drawing, colour the bunny and find a suitable font.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This was all then handed to Kelly who added the navigation buttons in Unity and added it to the scene manager.

That was pretty much it for the artist contributions to the project, so here is the first level in action.

As I’ve already mentioned we only achieved a single level in the time doing the jam, we had even intended to add instructions or some kind of plot introduction to inform the player of controls and what to do, but ran out of time. I’d say we achieved a bare bones skeleton of an end product and for a first jam with three other people that had never touched a game engine, I’m still happy there is even an end result to demonstrate. For the inexperienced its an amazingly short amount of time!

On reflection I’m pleased I organised this and gave it a go, it’ll be good experience for when we participate in the Global Game Jam in January with the college. I know Kelly had some issues getting her points across and arguing features/methods with the other coders, in comparison I had an easy ride drawing tiles with a guy I’ve known over half my life. Despite this it does make me appreciate that the social aspect of creative development can have its own challenges, although that holds for most industries. IT can get pretty heated between service staff!

I’d like to revisit this with Kelly in future once we’ve developed our skills further, maybe refine the control system, add more content and attempt to simplify some of the code. For now I’m about to prepare for the festive family barrage that is Christmas. Happy Christmas everyone and I’ll start updating again in the new year!


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