Trio Game – Update

A new week and a new mechanic to incorporate in our trio game, in preparation for the upcoming exam. We'd be looking at projectiles and how to incorporate/instantiate them into games. The example given to us had three different ways in which it could be used: An automatically fired projectile. A projectile that fires on … Continue reading Trio Game – Update


VFX – Planar Tracking with Mocha

Recap - 1 Point Track As a recap on the tracking we already knew, Peter ran through a 1 point example before moving onto Mocha and it's planar tracking. So this is just a quick bullet point reminder. Import chimney and smoke footage into the new composition, matching the video settings. Add two nulls, tracker … Continue reading VFX – Planar Tracking with Mocha

Jo Mielziner, Thomas Hart Benton & Nicolas Delort

It's artist of the week time! Joe Mielziner For me this is one of those moments where you're introduced to somebody so talented and influential and then you feel really bad for not knowing who they were previously. Joe Mielziner (1901-1976) was an American theatrical scene and lighting designer. Regarded as the most successful set … Continue reading Jo Mielziner, Thomas Hart Benton & Nicolas Delort

Research -Instantiation, While Loops, Probability & Averages

Time for this weeks programming related research. Instantiation Okay I think I can take a shot at explaining this one without the need for googling for information. During the Global Game Jam our coder (Kelly) used Instantiation to randomly generate scenery in our endless runner game. I gave her several pieces of scenery which were … Continue reading Research -Instantiation, While Loops, Probability & Averages