Programming & Plan for the New Year

So after an extended Christmas break I return to the thick of it all, first day back and this post is more for my own benefit, laying out the plan going forward.

Immediately on the horizon I’m participating in the Global Game Jam on the 20-22nd January, while I was aware of this before the holidays I hadn’t realised how soon it was. Now I’m super pleased I did a mock jam over Xmas, although despite this I still feel massively under-prepared for the real thing!

We have the option to participate in GameBlast on the 24-26th of February. This isn’t a jam but a charity game playing event to raise money for charity. Along with this there was suggestions of selling gaming related baked goods, personal artwork, basically anything in theme that would aid charity. This does pose a bit of a schedule clash for myself and Kelly but we’ll figure something out!

The college has a booth at Eye 60 Insomnia at NEC Birmingham in April and is currently looking to open up facilities on Tuesday and Wednesday nights for anyone that wants to come along and help staff in making a game demo for their booth.

So yeah there is a LOT going on! However onto the actual course content/educational bit.

The programming exam still looms in the distance, taunting us. For this reason we’ll be shifting our attention for the coming weeks to pure mathematics. Here is the list of topics that need covering (some far more basic than others).

  • Basic arithmatic
  • Discrete & Continuous numbers
  • Trigonometry
  • Rational & Irrational numbers
  • Pythagoras’ Theorem
  • Vector math
  • Dot Product (Scalar Product)
  • Cross Product (Vector Product)
  • Probability/Randomness
  • Mean, Median, Mode & Range
  • Standard Deviation & Variance

While some of these concepts I vaguely remember from GCSE (almost fifteen years ago) some are a little foggy and some I have no idea. Going forward I have a lot to remember and take in before the exam.

Rather than making this a dry exercise in cracking open a math book every week, we’ll attempt to incorporate a lot of this into a game and therefore need a simple idea for a 2D game we can work on personally. Once I’ve thought of something and fleshed the idea out a little past an initial concept, I’ll make a new post explaining it and my plan.



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