Principles Analysis

Usual intro to most of our classes is taking a seat, watching a short animation on a projector and noting down as many principles as we spot to discuss after. This time we’re simply doing it personally as a blog post. So off we go, I’ll add a time code stamp for the above video for every principle I’m referring to, similar to how I did it for my Loony Tunes analysis some months ago.

00:24 – Staging – Immediately staging is setup as we wonder what surprise Mike has for Sully, shown by Sully being led and covering his eyes. The audience waits for what the surprise is.

00:40 – Arc – Used in the walking animation as Mike moves around to the drivers side of the car.

00:46 – Squash & Stretch – As the seat is too high when Sully enters the car he is squashed into the roof and his head lowers below his shoulders.

00:48 – Follow through – Sullys hair scrapes along the car window as he lowers the seat and then eventually returns to resting position.

01:43 – Anticipation – We are given a moment of anticipation as Sully ponders inside the car which button he needs to press to help out Mike.

01:48 – Squash & Stretch & Exaggeration – Sully slamming the bonnet on Mike causes quite an alarmed and exaggerated reaction, lifting him off the ground and causing a large degree of squash and stretch.

01:50 – Exaggeration and secondary action – Mike is thrown up in the air when the car bonnet is released.

01:54 – Exaggeration and Squash & Stretch – Mike is trapped under the bonnet of the car and while fighting to escape he deforms the bonnet but then it returns to normal.

02:11 – Exaggeration – Mike is still singed and burning when walking back in the car.

02:45 – Exaggeration & Squash & Stretch – Mike and Sully are hurled around inside of the car.

Every moment – Appeal – Come on Monsters Inc would never have been a success if these two weren’t loved by absolutely everyone.

I could likely find more if I went through repeated viewings, however this was just meant as a warm up exercise to shake off the cob webs of the Christmas break!










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