Robot Concept Brief -Developed Design

Finally time to start wrapping this project up before I get overwhelmed by the next project. During the group crit, my best picks were nailed down to three and I opted to develop my hornet into a more polished piece. For memory this was the sketch.


I thought about sitting with a pencil and paper and trying to draw a brand new version and then digitally paint it, eventually though digital won and I decided to model it as best I could and edit it onto a background. Since the model was only going to be used as a concept render I knew I could cut some corners, not all geometry had to connect, making it a quicker build than expected. Quick enough that I forgot to take progress shots along the way, so here is the model, coloured up with a few blinn shaders.


I forced the perspective on the camera a little to try and emulate the same effect I had in my sketch, worked pretty well! I threw on some basic shaders just to use as guides for painting in Substance Painter, while I’ve still not found the time to get to grips with it it doesn’t hurt playing about. So cue another couple of hours and we get to…..


I then threw this into photoshop, added a city street photo to the background with HEAVY motion blur to emulate speed and further forced perspective on the render with perspective warp. Finally I added a tiny touch of motion blur to the robot to get rid of the crisp render lines. Now it’s flying at speed, probably to find a target to assassinate!


Currently I don’t know if I’ll add anything else or re-work parts of it. It’s not exactly to the same sort of scale as the sketch, which bothers me a little. Rather than making edits I’ll bring it into the next concept art session for critique and take it from there!







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