Ident Animation – Finally Progress!!

Praise the deity of character rigging if there is one! This has been the first lesson in weeks where I feel like I’ve overcome problems and made some progress, my robots ARE FIXED! All limbs are now keying within a character set and it’s going to make finishing this a thousand times easier.

The character sets had been checked and checked again in the past, however despite all limbs being accounted for in the set, all it took for them to become functional is to go through the process of adding them again. By now I’ve seen enough of Maya’s little oddities and should have tried something like this weeks ago.

Always ALWAYS just triple check your character set editor!

The only downside to today was we had a group peer review before my issues were fixed, leaving only a rough blocking pass to be looked at by other students.

Peer Review

Before the class got settled into work, we participated in some peer review. I had a combination of Dan and later Owen (King) looking over my work so far. While there wasn’t much available to be able to critique certain animation principles they still provided useful feedback.

  1. The timing for the two robots leaving off stage left together happened too fast even in blocking, leaving them wondering what exactly had just happened (on my way to fixing this).
  2. They both loved the robots themselves so I guess I gained points for appeal, however they pointed out I had moments where the models were obscured by them carrying letters. They have a very good point, while some of this is set in stone now I’ll try my best to maximise whats seen of the models through the rest of the animation.
  3. I pointed out I had concerns over placing the letter exactly back in its original place, the guys pointed out why not just it returned in the general location maybe leaning against the other letters or placed on the floor. I rolled with this and already incorporated the idea. Thanks guys!


PASSWORD – nextgen

Here is the current progress. When I dropped the keyframes out of stepped back to spline everything turned into chaos, it had become apparent that while using my broken character set certain movements were never keyed. This required some cleanup and in certain sections I found it easier to erase all keyframes and block it again, the process was much faster now that I could key the whole set at once. This consumed the remaining chunk of class time left for today.

Time is running short for this project, so I’ll be continuing on this at home as well as class from now on to try and make up for lost time. All class idents are to be shown in two weeks time and while I accept animation isn’t my strongest ability (hence I transferred out of it in my first year of university) I’d rather not be the worst if I can help it.


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