Animation Ident – Final

This class project may have been my biggest bane since starting this course, however like all difficult challenges it has also taught me a lot of do’s and don’ts.

Feel free to flip back through previous related posts to see some of these issues in depth. This submission post will be more of a quick overview of the run up to the end of the project and final thoughts.

If you remember my character rigs were only recently fixed, which was a miraculous moment where I was finally able to get most of my work done. The animation project ended up being five weeks of modelling, rigging and related issues and then two weeks animating. Not exactly the time management I’d have liked, missing the focus of the exercise.

I fixed what was possible in the time frame, however I had keys scattered across the character rigs, individual handles and bits of geometry (from when the rigs were broken) and this all proved to create a complicated twister of chaos leaving me to choose between deleting a large percentage of the work so far or persisting and making the most of the situation, especially so close to submission. I chose the latter, leaving certain sections difficult to edit without causing further issues. Many frames seemed to exist without having a keyframe anywhere I could decipher.

I’m a little disappointed I couldn’t do more but fingers crossed I know plenty of pit falls to avoid for next time around. Being a weaker area of mine to begin with I was hoping to jump both feet in and remedy this, however jumping into the deep end first may earn me points for eagerness, but was likely a bad move. I should have started with somebody elses pre-made rig and focused on the principles of animation.

So enough of me beating myself up over this, here is the animation ident.

Contrary to most of my comments thus far I’m not entirely unhappy with it. I still liked the idea, in the end the robots themselves looked great and there are a few small sections of animation that worked that I really liked. When the red robot first arrives on set, there is a little bit of follow through on the arms, upon returning the letter the police robot slows down and gently places the letter back on the ground, I just wish more of the animation felt like these two bits and not floaty tweening in Maya.

Like all things it’ll take further learning, practise and new projects to get better. With all the trails this time, fingers crossed a second time will go much smoother!

Here is the link to my original post containing pre-production materials.

Animation Ident Brief


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