Programming – Self Taught Feature

We have been asked to add a feature to one of the many games we've worked on that has been discovered through self tuition and the Unity documentation. This has never been my strongest area so I thought it would be best to keep things simple. In my walking simulator I had a locked door … Continue reading Programming – Self Taught Feature


Low Poly – Wacky Races Project – Pt.III

This was our second to last lesson before this little project wraps up and I feel like the team made great progress. I didn't actually model anything new today, instead began collecting assets from the team and started incorporating them into the island. There was a great lesson learned during all of this, 'name everything'. … Continue reading Low Poly – Wacky Races Project – Pt.III

Research -For Loops, For Each Loops & Dot Products

I have begin to see a pattern with these research tasks and posts. I spend a week staring at wiki, struggle to take in and process the information I'm seeing, given context in class and everything makes more sense. So from now on I plan to keep these brief with the most basic of understanding. … Continue reading Research -For Loops, For Each Loops & Dot Products