Low Poly – Wacky Races Project

Having tied up the Ident project, Matt delivered a new modelling assignment. Our goal would be to make a chunk of an environment with the theme of wacky races in mind. There would be a restriction on each model of 1000 tris (500 quads) to emulate a workplace restriction. This also ties into the style which has to look deliberately low poly. The examples given in class could be broken up into two types, a small world presented on a self contained tile, or a small world.


The thing I’ve failed to mention up until now is this isn’t a solo exercise, we would group up into small teams and divide the workload between us. Dan was assigned as a team leader and allowed to assemble his own team, the final roster was Dan, myself, Kelly and Sophie.

After throwing some ideas around to see what stuck we have opted for a small world consisting of a floating volcano island with the wacky races track winding down the side of an active volcano. We have divided the workload like this:

  • I’d be modelling the island itself, along with the road of the racetrack.
  • Dan would be modelling the wacky races vehicle and possibly extra vehicles if time permits.
  • Kelly and Sophie would tackle small objects within the environment, such as trees, traffic cones, banners and basically any set dressing we come up with along the way.

Kelly put together an Excel sheet of the tasks at hand:


It’ll come in handy if either Dan or I finish our tasks and have time to assist Kelly and Sophie with other assets. We’ve not included any texturing on the list yet as we may decide to use nothing but shaders, it’ll very much be dependant on time.

Here is what I’ve produced so far with the island, it’s currently sitting around 498 tris. It has been rendered out using MentalRay, and with some additional lighting makes the basic shaders look pretty good. This would however mean taking all the assets and assembling the final scene at home and I’m sure the other team members would rather be involved in that process. Aesthetics can be discussed next lesson.





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