VFX -Company Logo Update – Final

It has been a very long time since I made an update about this. Since it was a personal project rather than a submission I admit to having left it on the backburner until I had a nice quiet chunk of time to sit and finish it off. Since there has been multiple submissions this week and a lull due to an upcoming college trip to Disney, it seemed like the perfect time to wrap this up.

After all the work we’ve done recently in After Effects, opening the last save up suddenly made so much more sense, especially the track mattes. After finding the place I left off I set off replicating the setup of each hero letter layer that Peter had laid down right at the beginning of production. There has been some past issues with the track mattes not working at all on the college version of After Effects, Peter and I had theorised that this could be simply down to a version issue. After loading it up in the most recent version at home, theory confirmed!

It took about an hour of fiddling, positioning letters, moving keyframes etc, but was straight forward enough after setting up all the layers. The bulk had been done before Christmas, it was just ‘LDWORKS’ that required setup and animation.


I also wanted to get this finished because our VFX teacher Peter is leaving us this week and he put as much time and thought into this as I did! Deadline achieved while we can still both see the fruits of our labour.

Peter, many thanks for all your work, your guidance and helping an IT professional remember after a decade, that he is infact a creative individual. I sign off with another, I feel relevant, Lewis Caroll quote.

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” – Cheshire Cat



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