Low Poly – Wacky Races Project Pt.II

This will be a short update to bring you all up to speed on the wacky races project. During class time my volcano had broken and required exporting into a legacy fbx format, after re-importing all shaders needed to be re-applied. While this took up some troubleshooting time it didn’t affect todays overall progress.

The team has managed quite a bit of progress with vehicles and smaller environment models well under way, I’m so pleased our team is diving into this head first and I’d say we’re well on target for finishing before the deadline. We just need to make sure to keep the whole thing to a cohesive style by the end of it.

While Matt was exporting my file from Maya 2017 on his Mac to a legacy fbx (in reality this was my fault for not doing the same thing before bringing the files onto campus) I decided to put ten minutes to use and model a traffic cone. Jobs a good un’, one asset off the overall list.


My island was 468 tris before I added the road and planned bridge. I know without a doubt that it would take the scene over 1000 tris so I’m hoping I can get away with classing the race track as a separate asset to the environment itself.

To make the road I began using the curve tool and laying out the path the road will take, I plan to use the skills I taught myself during the dystopian vehicle project, extruding along this curve to achieve the overall shape. I created a basic wide ‘U’ shape out of a box and cut away everything except one side of faces, using this as the base for the extrude action. Here is the end result:

Finally I added the simplest of bridge structures on the road, over the lava lake. I won’t go into any detail on this procedure as it was simply manipulating a few boxes into the overall shape.


So far the island is looking pretty good. I’m having a few issues with some of the tris on the lava fall rendering with bizarre lighting issues, so maybe I’ll have to consider deleting the fall and remaking it with cleaner topology. Since the team is making great progress I may start gathering assets and assembling the scene as a whole for a future update, otherwise this will be a process left to the end which may lead to a rushed assembly.





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