Low Poly – Wacky Races Project – Pt.III

This was our second to last lesson before this little project wraps up and I feel like the team made great progress. I didn’t actually model anything new today, instead began collecting assets from the team and started incorporating them into the island.

There was a great lesson learned during all of this, ‘name everything’. We had a number of assets in FBX format that after import were breaking existing assets in the scene. Turns out this was down to naming conflicts, the mesh being imported shared a name with a mesh already in the scene. This is why you don’t have polySphere1-40+ and no naming convention. So a good chunk of time was used up renaming everything.

One at a time (so as not to disturb work going on) I brought team members over to discuss placement of their assets. Three hours later here is the current progress, a mix of renders and screen captures taken at various points in the process.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The lighting isn’t ideal in some of the renders, originally it had been setup as a three point system just to show off the island itself in early renders. Now that doesn’t work anymore with the amount of models crying for attention, so next week we’ll likely bash heads and try and simulate something closer to sunshine.

There are still a few more bits and pieces on the go, Dan is trying to make more road side signs to decorate the road and Sophie is working on a family of cute bunnies to add some wildlife to the forested areas. A nice little addition I hadn’t considered before.




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