3D Room – Feedback Re-submission

Using the feedback given for the 3D room back in November, I made a few updates and changes. I didn’t manage to act on all feedback just yet, but I feel like the changes I did make were the major ones ruining the overall look of the scene. I’ll quickly list some of the recommendations given to me rather than posting the entire feedback.

  • Work on lighting techniques, specifically bounced light. Edges of spotlights are clearly visible and need to be softened.
  • The purple backlight to the scene colour clashed with other objects and needed to be a more appropriate complimentary colour.
  • If similar objects are given variations of the same texture it would bring more life to the scene as currently everything is identical.
  • More scratches, dirt and imperfections on the floor.
  • Intricate details such as screws on objects (once normal mapping has been covered in class).
  • Crosses on crates are irregular and off putting, try to make this more regular.

The things I have managed to fix are both points for the lighting, some texture variation and more weathering (but currently not on the floor).

Tackling the lighting was approached as a fresh slate, this wasn’t deliberate, both of my backups loaded up an error and all lights were missing. After setting things up similar to what they were before, I started with two big changes. All lights were given quadratic decay rather than no decay and the drop off on spotlights was ramped up to around 4-5. I took some time to look at renders and see where the cones were still visible and then began to use very low intensity ambient lights to help paint out the harsh edges (usually around intensity 0.05 – 0.1). Finally I set the area backlight back up and this time changed it to red rather than purple to compliment the green crates.

Even I’ll admit this makes a big difference when compared to the old render.

The old render, spotlight edges can be clearly seen.
The new render. Spotlight edges are gone and the lighting is softer overall.

The other edit I made which is obvious between these two renders is that I fed the sky box texture to the incandescence channel rather than the diffuse. I had read that this was a quick and dirty method of having the texture be unaffected by lights in the scene, I believe there was also a surface shader which did a similar job.

Finally I decided to add some variation in the crates and more obvious weather from a distance. This was all courtesy of Substance.


Now there is an obvious difference between the weathered crates and the ‘new’ crates.

I do however need to learn what channels require which maps. I didn’t bring in the metallic map to Maya, so the crates lost some of their under sheen. I know Maya has a plug in to accept PBR shaders from Substance and need to get around to installing it, maybe that would help importing textures a little easier.

Sadly I didn’t get around to doing a similar thing for the railings or scuffing up the floor. As the room itself is comprised of 8 UV sets which still seem highly unstable, importing it into Substance would never work. The floor is also a repeated tile so any scuffing I did to the original texture would end up repeating a lot and might make the repetition seem more obvious. So that feedback was back benched until I can think of a better approach. It would have been so much easier if I’d broken up the room geometry into separate models, it would require a complete rebuild but from here may be the only way forward for improvements.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I will admit to having removed the spaceship. It was such an early model and in terms of quality brought the rest of the room down. Ideally it needs replacing with something else. More than anything though I’m just pleased I had a second attempt at the lighting, it really has made the biggest improvement.




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