VFX – Mocha & Keylight Revisit

Having finished the character animation exercise in Peter’s Friday class, we were given a couple of files we could use to practice Mocha and Keylight. I ended up collaborating with Kelly on this exercise as the file transfer times in the Mac room were oddly slow.

Our goal was to replace the green screen on the tablet the woman is holding with the Mocha & Keylight logo and blend it in as best as possible.

Following the usual steps, we setup a new composition and imported both assets. While having the footage selected we kicked Mocha into life by going to Animation > Track in Mocha AE.

Following the method we learnt before, we first placed down the tracking area using the X-Spline tool, followed by the area we’d project onto using the Show Planar Surface tool. Now we tracked the footage backwards and then forwards, finally copying the tracking information and pasting it back into AE onto a new black solid we created in the composition.


This worked fine, so double clicking on the black solid to go into the layer, we added the logo. This mostly worked however the logo looked too crisp (which we were warned would happen) and there was a moment at the start where the tracking was showing the logo appearing before the tablet is raised.


So time for some clean up! We duplicated the footage and set the duplicate as the top layer of the composition, now adding a Keylight effect we eyedropped the green colour of the tablet and adjusted the screen matte settings to 10/73 black/white clip balance to best pick out all of the green.

Finally to solve the crispness issue we turned on motion blur and added a gaussian blur (bluriness 2.5) to the logo. This worked well and took the edge off, finishing up the exercise. It was a good opportunity to practice what we have already learnt and cement the knowledge into memory.



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