Exam Prep – Individual Game (Pt.1)

The programming exam looms upon us and in further preparation for the jam aspect of it, we’ve all been separated from our previous duo/trio teams and have been tasked with making the same kind of game completely solo. This is quite the task, but as long as I try to tackle it one function at a time I’m sure I can get through it.

For the first time we were asked to use/make our own assets for the game, which meant picking a theme too. Ant handed out post it notes and told us to list all the things we wanted to accomplish that lesson, a lovely method of breaking down tasks and one I used for years, especially in an IT office environment.

I decided to keep things as simple as possible and would have a robot trying to escape from the facility it was built in. Navigating levels, avoiding guards etc. I could add pickups in the form of keys, maybe even batteries.

For week one I decided the bare minimum to achieve was this:

  • Draw robot asset
  • Create assets required to assemble a first level (walls, floors etc)
  • Draw a guard/scientist
  • Code the movement for the robot
  • Introduce the game in a blog post

I’m not going to break them all down one by one, so here are all the assets created this week:

Yes, before anyone eagle eyed comments, the scientist was taken from my Xmas Game Jam attempt. No harm in re-using my own assets. I made a wall tile, a floor tile, the good player robot, baddie robot guards and for some reason a potted plant (the level was looking bare). I can likely salvage a few more assets from Xmas such as desks, computers etc which will help as set dressings.


From a quick week one assembly, here is my initial level. I aim to have the guard pacing between two computers and the baddie robots are dormant. Just a first easy level to establish mechanics. The movement is all in and working, I expanded on the basic movement with some code found on google, so now the sprite rotates to face direction.


Hopefully I can get ahead of the curve and maybe add the guard movement before next week, along with an exit to level two.


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