Low Poly Project – Submission

This short little group project has come to its end and I’m thrilled with what the team managed to achieve in such a short space of time. If any of you are reading this, pat on the back!

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The final lesson was spent importing some last remaining bits and pieces, roadside barriers from Dan and an adorable rabbit from Sophie (which quickly turned into a whole family of rabbits). A few shaders were also edited, Dan had used a lot of Blinns which are absolutely fine in Maya Software however in Turtle which is what we’d planned to use, they all became mirror reflective. These had their reflective and specular values turned to zero. Lastly all the old lights were removed and a new lighting system was put in from scratch.

We opted for a dusk lighting setup, thinking the warmer colours of a low evening sun would compliment the reds and oranges of the volcano. It helps blend the magma colours with the rest of the scene.

A finished render applied to a background for some added flourish!

Here are a collection of other renders from the finished piece.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wish I’d had more personal renders, but I mostly worked on the island, assembly and lighting. I do have the traffic cone but it was made in two minutes during a break and really isn’t worth dedicated screen time. So I put in some Photoshop hours to make the individual island renders have some spit and polish. Ideally I need to do this kind of thing for more of my work, Matt gave a few instructions on wireframe rendering and some presentation tips which all came in handy.



Having a few reflections on the whole process, my only wish would have been another week or two worth of time. I had plans for a secondary smaller island, with a few maintenance huts and race pits. I may have tried using ramp shaders for certain objects, but we had around 80% of all assets finished by the time we learnt about them.

I started the post with it and I’ll end the same. Thanks to all my teammates for putting in the hours they did, I’d work with you all again in a heartbeat!


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