Character Design – Head Composition

I mentioned in my previous research post that all the research into heads would culminate into a composition of sorts that arranges all your head sketches together into a single image. Due to the enemy of us all that is time, Tony removed the necessity for this bit of work in order to push the class forward onto the next part of the exercise. To that I say, nope! I already had an idea and I will see it through to the end, at the end of the day its for my benefit and no-one else.

After some musings on how to arrange heads without the rest of the body I came to the logical conclusion of severed heads, but how to arrange them? I started thinking Mayan/Aztec ritual, generic tribal rituals and finally landed on de-moralisation in tribal conflict with many heads mounted on pikes. The kind of thing you’d leave as a warning to the next set of would be attackers. I picked up a few Photoshop cheat brushes (in the shape of heads) to help me arrange this composition, eventually I’ll begin to work in over the top of this template and make the scene my own. For now though here is the current work in progress.


It’s rough and not everything has been arranged into the correct layering for depth yet but the core of it is there. I’d like to add a background once I’m further through production, just to ground the whole thing into the place/scene of a battle. This is actually the first time I’ve installed new brushes to Photoshop and I can see the uses already, some of the stray bits of hair were also a new pack of brushes.

I hope to return soon with updates!


As a bit of a play about/test I added a quick background using some battlefield photography from WW1. I think the final will definitely need a backdrop to make it pop!




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