Pirate High Poly Wk.2

This will be a short update this week, mostly covering the finished concept and a normal mapping proposal. Continuing on from last week, I finished my sketching.

Office Lens 20170328-104820

Cramming everything onto the right hand side of the page I finalised the design and created a front, side and top view. After last week I knew I wanted to run with the skull legs design and use a ships hold door as the top of the table, this just needed fleshing out so I could figure out how all the parts fit together. I tried to include wooden braces where required along with brackets and turned two of the teeth on either side into small stabilising legs. I’ve built enough furniture over the years to keep the design fairly well grounded in terms of construction.

I added plenty of notes regarding materials, location of pieces and design tit-bits. For example I want the end of the planks on the top of the desk to have seen some heavy wear and damage. The issue with a table is it’s highly symmetrical and will need a lot of detailing to make it look interesting, I also plan to wear down some of the hard edges. As the top of the desk will be a much older chunk of wood it’ll require much heavier weathering than the base.

The other important part of the notes is the plan for my normal mapping. I had to figure out what details would require geometry and what would be faked. Having limited experience in doing this outside of the class exercise the other week, the plan had to be passed by Matt before it was approved. I had suggested the following as normal details:

  • Gaps between planks
  • Rivets/Screws
  • The skull on the side of the table
  • Surface scratches / gouges
  • Edge bevelling

All of these passed okay except doing the whole skull. It was suggested that I try and add some surface geometry or risk making the side of the table look too flat and boring. So my plan is to try and add geometry around the cheekbones and other prominent features of the skull (thanks to Tony for his concept lessons!).

So next week I’ll be importing my profile images into Maya and begin working on the low poly version.


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