Head Sculpt with Sculptris

Last week we sculpted with plasticine, this week back to the good old mouse for some digital sculpting. It has been a while since I’ve attempted this kind of thing seriously, we had a rushed head in Mudbox back in the start of the course but no further time was put into it. The exercise, same as last week, sculpt a head with total freedom but using Sculptris. Sculptris is Z-Brush light. It’s created by Pixologic too, and feels like a trimmed back demo version of Z-Brush.

There isn’t a huge amount of detail to go into today. Again I tried to round out the basic shape before adding detail, taking note of prominent bone structures and using those to guide the overall shape of the head. However after a few minutes I’d sunk my teeth into the flatten tool and decided to attempt something a little bit more stylised using harder edges.


I had some concerns going into this lesson regarding what the end result would be. Thankfully those were unfounded and if anything, proof that basic head construction knowledge transfers to all mediums. I did some cleanup on the mesh after getting home, mostly using the pinch tool to harden the edges in certain areas even more and a last pass of smoothing.


An important point I frequently remind myself to do, is always rotate the model after every edit. I can guarantee if you get too transfixed on one projection and only rotate 10-15 minutes later SOMETHING will be wrong. The idea of doing something like this in Maya or Max is still daunting and strikes fear into me, at some point its a bridge I’ll have to cross and I just need to remember the same basic shape principles and approach the task slowly.

Link to the model on Sketchfab

For a good laugh however, lets compare my very quick Mudbox attempt from the start of the year.


I’d like to think there has been some self improvement! Now to derail ever so slightly to introduce the thing all of this has been building up to.

Character Design Brief

I’m sure we all remember those moments of dread from childhood, when we thought something was behind us, watching us from afar. The monster under the bed we never see, the thing behind the curtains we never see. These are the kinds of moments we’ll be basing our concepts around, throwing away our adult common sense and re-imaging what those horrors could be.

This concept will run all the way from pencil sketches to 3D, sculpt, rigged and animated. Finally placed on a diorama for rendering. Alternatively if we feel our talents are stronger on the 2D side, the end result can also be a rigged 2D character.

Hopefully over the Easter break I can begin to generate ideas and start fleshing out the beginnings of whatever horror lurks behind every corner!





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