High Poly Pirates Wk.3

I’ve started on the low poly build of my table this week. Progress has been made but attempting to get a low poly skull onto the side of a table while not adding much geometry has been something of a challenge. However for the moment, time to rewind a couple of hours.

To kick things off I threw all my hand drawn side, front and top sketches into Photoshop and resized them all by eye so they matched each other in terms of scale. I know this could have been done on paper with a more accurate drawing but this felt like an easier method that wouldn’t slow down the workflow.

Once these were all attached to image planes in Maya I set about blocking in the top of the table, being the easiest piece of geometry to start with. Once I extruded a leg down and began shaping the skull it became obvious I couldn’t follow the less than symmetrical drawing and had to free hand some of it. Getting slightly overwhelmed by doing two halves at once I cut the model down to a quarter and reset its pivot (so it could be mirrored in Z and X later).

I won’t get into modelling technicalities as I’m now way past explaining every extrude for my own benefit. So here is the current progress, mirrored in Z to show you more of a full face:


There is a lot of cleanup/re-topology to be done. I used a lot of bevels to shape the harsh edges of the skull which has given me a lot of tris. The advice given to me was to reduce these as much as possible and to keep all quads on the face around the same size, once this is brought into Mudbox for further sculpting we want all the quads to sub-divide equally.

I feel like some further shaping needs to be done around the nose cavity and the hand holds aren’t in the top of the table yet either. So still plenty of work to be done before I consider going anywhere near the high poly. Solid progress for one lesson though. I’m rather pleased with myself!


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